Laminated Log Construction

In addition to its' all natural, milled log technology, Finn-Log will further address the needs of the consumer with an advanced form of log technology. The Engineered or Laminated log is produced taking the raw log, cutting it into sections, exposing the core of the log. The pieces are then laminated together using a bonding agent, cured and milled into shape according to specification. The Engineered log minimizes shortcomings associated with the use of traditionally milled logs, while still parlaying the beauty of the natural log.

Benefits to a Laminated Finn-Log system include:

  • The Laminated log can breathe and dry without the checking and splitting associated with milled deadwood. This eliminates the settling period associated with natural milled logs and contributes to the airtight nature of their design.
  • The strength of the log is enhanced and has the appearance of a natural milled log.
  • Laminated logs can be manufactured up to 45' in continuous length, eliminating the need for joinery along wall lengths.
  • Laminated logs can be smooth finished or given a hand peeled look to appeal to all preferences.